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St Francis Bay Activities

Jet Skiing in St Francis Bay

Jet Skiing is great if you like being on the water or in the water and of course when the weather is at its best. It is like riding a bike on water, one of the most fun things to do on sea or river. In this case river; you can take your own Jet Ski and have some Jet Skiing Fun on the Krom River. Though it is only permitted on certain areas of the Krom River. You can probably also hire Jet Skis at the St. Francis Jet Ski Club and ask them where and where you may not Jet Ski.


Every Wednesday people come to paddle in the sea. You can paddle up to 10km or less depends on how far and long you want to paddle. The paddlers meet from October to March at “Granny’s Pool” and between April and September at the Small Boat Harbour. It is recommended that you take flares and a cell phone, life jackets and leashes depend on yourself.

Snorkelling St Francis Bay

Swimming and Snorkelling is another activity you can do at the beaches of St. Francis Bay. The best places to swim or snorkel will be at the Cannels, the “River Mouth, the Cove, at Hobie Beach, Anne Venue, the Main Beach, and of course Granny’s Pool”. Life guards are only on duty during the holidays.

Scuba Diving

If you want to see more of the deep sea and marine life and not just reefs then you will probably love scuba diving, especially if you love to swim or to be in water. Professional diving instructors in St. Francis offer diving courses and their companies also rent out the needed gear/equipment.

Water Ski on the Kromme River

Next to Jet Ski is Water Ski, it is just as fun and exciting, you might fall a few times though before getting the hang of it. There is certain ski zones so please be aware of that. Late afternoon is best for Water Ski, when the winds are quiet, but too late might be a bit too cold.

Whale, Dolphin and Shark Watching in Port St. Francis

Whales visit the bay during the late winter months. You can easily see them from land, but for more exciting and better views you can book a tour with the only operator in the Kouga region which is in Port St. Francis that is allowed to go near them. You will also so plenty of dolphins in the area. If you seek guided shark dives then it can also be arranged through an operator.

Kite Boarding in St Francis Bay

You will occasionally see some kite boarding action at the Krom River Mouth. If you already have some experience in kite boarding then you can go anytime with your own equipment. Al though the lessons take place in Paradise Beach on the lagoon. The lessons cost R280 per hour including all equipment and usually go on for up to 3 – 5 hours. After the lesson it is best to practice on your own with your own equipment and you can just ask for help or hints from the local Kite Boarders around.