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St Francis Bay

About St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay is a truly unique village/small coastal tourism town in the Kouga area, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

St Francis Bay has its own specific style of architecture and character from which the idea came from Leighton Hulett; He is the person who started this town. It does not look like any other ordinary town and know that it mainly consists of 2 colours; Black and White. The people from St Francis Bay knows that this Bay is a paradise overwhelmed by peace and tranquillity.


St Francis Bay is surrounded by white beaches and the ocean which everyone here in St Francis enjoys and also the fact that the sea is linked by the Krom River and its Canals gives you a chance to enjoy a variety of water sports, and fishing. St Francis Bay also offers different other activities.

Forming part of St Francis Bay is the harbour Port St Francis. This is right next to the beach of course, surrounded by exclusive hotels, restaurants, shops and much moreā€¦ A lot of people enjoy Port St Francis, you can even go out on a boat trip and appreciate the views.

Right next to St Francis Bay lays Cape St Francis, these are 2 different villages, but both with the same unique architecture.

St Francis Bay is a well-known holiday destination because of the quiet relaxing lifestyle. Its beaches stretch far and are very safe for swimmers and surfers which you will see often. You will also notice that the locals also enjoy rock fishing.

St Francis Bay Activities

Jet Skiing in St Francis Bay Jet Skiing is great if you like being on the water or in the water and of course when the weather is at its best. It is like riding a bike on water, one of the most fun things to do on sea or river. In this case river; …

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