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Attractions & Activities

Cape St Francis Attractions & Activities

Experience every site, attraction and activity that Cape St Francis has to offer. Enjoy the coastal region, the Cape Floral Kingdom, the white sandy beaches and the ocean.

Cape St Francis Seal Point Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is one of the tallest masonry buildings, it is 27.75 meters high. The light itself has a range of 28 sea miles. 4 July 1878 was the first time that the light was lit. Back in the day the light had intensity of only 15 000 candles every 20 seconds and then 30 years later they changed it and it then had the intensity of 120 000 candles every 5 seconds. Today the intensity is 2 750 000 every 5 seconds.

The Lighthouse can be found at the eastern sector of the Cape Floristic Region. Here is a diversity of birds and small animals.

Penguin Rescue and Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation Centre is situated at the Seal Point Light House. If you care about sea animals and want to help then you are welcome to help feed the penguins or other marine birds/animals. Volunteer hours are normally from 08:30 in the morning and again at 15:30 the afternoon. The Centre was designed in a way that the public will always be able to view the penguins.

Cape St Francis Nature Reserve

The nature reserve does not only have beautiful botanical and animal life but also amazing views of the ocean. The wild animals that can be found include bushbuck, grysbok, duiker, porcupine, bush pig, monkeys, mongoose, caracal, and otters. Also here are about 200 bird species found in this area. You can often see some dolphins from the views during August to November.

Irma Booysen Floral Reserve

This Reserve has many species of flowers and plants one of the famous are the local Fynbos. Here are also many footpaths and hike trails through the reserve.

Normal Activities to do in Cape St Francis

– Relax on the Beach, or Swim in the Sea or in a Tidal Pool.
– Surfing at the “Endless Summer” Surf Spot.
– Fishing in the Sea along the Shore or Deep Sea Fishing.
– Play Volleyball on the Beach.
– Bird Watching almost everywhere, near Nature Reserves and the Lighthouse.
– Take a cruise around Cape St. Francis to St. Francis Bay.
– Sand Boarding on the Dunes.
– Hiking along the Sea, at the Reserve and near the Lighthouse.
– Watch Marine Life.