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Cape St Francis

Cape St Francis is a small village just like its neighbouring town, St Francis Bay. Cape St Francis is considered a great Tourist Attraction, because Cape St Francis self is an amazing site to see, as you will not see any town similar like Cape St Francis, it is unique on its own way and is sharing its beauty with St Francis Bay.


Cape St Francis well known for the famous Seal Point Lighthouse that is 27.75 meters high. The Lighthouse was first lit on 4 July 1878. Tourists will often come to see this Lighthouse at Seal Point which is the third most southerly point in South Africa.

Cape St Francis Nature

A lot of people come to Cape St Francis, because it is situated at the coast of Eastern Cape and to their astonishment it has some amazing scenery. The people enjoy the nature here because it is different and surrounded by nature reserves as well as floral reserves. They can enjoy all this and be at the sea, enjoying the white sandy beaches.

The eco tourists/ nature lovers will regularly take walks or hikes in different areas of Cape St Francis to see the flora and fauna that is most likely to only be seen in the coastal areas of the Cape Floral Kingdom. They enjoy the great opportunity for bird watching. When you go for a walk you will recognize famous Cape Fynbos and other species of plants and wild life.

Marine Life

Bottle Nose Dolphins, Sharks, Whales and Fur Seals can also be spotted often when you take a walk along the beach or go out on a boat which is one of the regular activities to do here among the locals in Cape St Francis.

Cape St Francis is home to the Penguin Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre which also include another marine life. It is very near to the Seal Point Lighthouse.

Attractions & Activities

Cape St Francis Attractions & Activities Experience every site, attraction and activity that Cape St Francis has to offer. Enjoy the coastal region, the Cape Floral Kingdom, the white sandy beaches and the ocean. Cape St Francis Seal Point Lighthouse The Lighthouse is one of the tallest masonry buildings, it is 27.75 meters high. The …

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