Aug 12

House for sale Oysterbay

Double Storey Wood House for sale in Oysterbay:

Enjoy the quiet tranquility of Oysterbay. Enjoy endless beach walks, catch fish or relax at your own house in Oysterbay. Oysterbay is 50 Km from Jeffreysbay, 25 Km from Humansdorp, 12 Km from StFrancisbay and 130Km from Port Elizabeth.

Upper Storey:
2 Bedrooms, 1 study, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/lounge

Lower Storey:
1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 workspace, tandem garage


R 1.5 Million

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41501

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41491

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41481

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41461

House for sale OysterbayDSCF42011

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41991

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41961

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41891

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41881

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41821

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41791

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41751

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41731

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41681

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41631

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41601

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41561

House for sale OysterbayDSCF41531

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Dec 18

Jeffreysbaai Skool Tuisskool

Education Centre


Jeffreysbaai Opvoedkundige Sentrum is n Remedierende Onderrig Sentrum vir Gr R tot Gr 4.  Daar sal slegs 15 leerders wees. Ons gaan werk met n tuisskool kurrikulum wat op die Nasiolale Kurrikulum gebaseer is maar wat leerders toelaat om teen hul eie pas te werk.

Die sentrum sal Maandag tot Vrydag van 08:00 tot 13:00 oop wees en daar sal ook ekstra klasse en Nasorg wees.


Dinsdae en Donderdae gaan die Mossieklub Speelskool ook oop wees van 08:00 tot 12:00. Hierdie is n speelgroepie vir mammas en kinders van 1 tot 5 jaar oud.


Adres: Jeffreys Bay Bible Church

Kontak: Karlien Bekker 0839903864

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Jun 27

Hiking Trails in Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay is a great place to come and relax; here are plenty of sites to see and great hiking trails around the area/near Jeffreys Bay.


Jeffreys Bay

Noorsekloof Nature Reserve

Noorsekloof Nature Reserve has a 3km trail alongside a running water stream. There are 50 species of birds and a few bucks in the area. Noorsekloof stretches from the golden beaches up the valley side through a neighbourhood in wavecrest. The trail starts at the entrance to Kloof in Eland Street and ends in Dogwood Circle. Please take note that you may not start a fire in Noorsekloof, You are not allowed to hunt, camp or bring dogs to the reserve.

Seekoei Nature Reserve

The Seekoei Nature Reserve is situated in the area between Aston Bay and Paradise Beach. Covering an area of 66ha where the Seekoei & Swart Rivers meet and form an estuary. There is a 1km hike on the northern section from which 120 different bird species has been identified. There is a bird hide from where the birds can be viewed.

To see more of the reserve you will enjoy the 3km hiking trail from which you have to cross the river. You will see a few different species of trees and wild life. There is bushbuck, caracal, grysbok, porcupine, blue duiker, bush pig, yellow & grey mongoose, genet and a lot more other animals. You will even spot a few flamingos and red knobbed coots if the weather suites them.

If you wish to visit some penguins, there is a Penguin Rehab Centre in the reserve. You are not allowed to start any fires, or fishing, bring any canoes or boats, no pets, and no plants are to be removed.

Kabeljous Nature Reserve

Kabeljous is at the top of Jeffreys Bay. Kabeljous offers a 2.5km coastline with rich forests, wetlands and bushveld. There are various hikes available in this area. There is about 100 species of birds found and some wild life. You can enjoy a picnic in the reserve and enjoy the surroundings.

Kabeljous has a hiking trail from 3 to 7km, it all depends on which trails you want to take. It has two starting points; from the R102 just across the bridge on the northern side of the Kabeljous River you will find a gate directing the way or from the picnic area at the Kabeljous Estuary. The trails can be from 3hrs to a day, depending on what trails you choose.

Things to take with:
– Sunglasses
– Shoes to walk in comfortably
– Insect repellent if you wish
– Water and some snacks
– Camera
– Binoculars

No dogs are allowed, no hunting or fires. No animals or plants from the reserve may be removed.


The most popular place to go hike is in Tsitsikamma. It is very near Jeffreys Bay and it is also a great camping site, right at the beach and the Tsitsikamma forest. Tsitsikamma is about an hour away from Jeffreys Bay.

Otter Trail

Tsitsikamma has a few hiking trails, each trail is different. The most popular trail at Tsitsikamma is the Otter Trail. The trail is 42.5km long and takes 4 ½ days to complete. You can make your bookings at Storms River Mouth at the Reception.

The scenery from the otter trail is the most amazing experience; you will see mist rising from the sea and you will notice all the rivers and streams along the trail. See various species of fungi, cape fynbos and ferns. There are many species of wild life, birds and marine life and awesome rock formations and tidal pools.

Dolphin Trail

There is also the Dolphin Trail which is more luxurious than the Otter Trail. It is a 17km trail and starts at the Tsitsikamma National Park at Storms River Mouth. It takes 2 days (3 nights) to complete.

The hikers will have stunning views of the coastline and will have a good chance to spot some whales and dolphins, sometimes some otters too. You will spot many different birds on the route including the Knysna Loerie and the Oystercatcher is often seen on the shore line.

Day Trails/Short Hikes

There are a few short hikes at Tsitsikamma National Park, which does not take long to do, but in the short period you will see the forest and all the amazing Flora & Fauna. You will see a great view of the coastline/ sea and small waterfalls.

• The Mouth Trail is a 1km linear route. You walk from the Restaurant to the Suspension Bridge.
• The Viewpoint Trail goes past the Suspension Bridge and ends up being a 2km linear route, at first it is a pretty steep climb but it becomes gentler towards the viewpoint.
• The Waterfall Trail starts at the Oceannettes which is on the eastern side of the rest camp. It is a 6.4km trail to the waterfall and back. It is a linear route and takes just over 3hrs.
• Loerie Trail starts a bit east of the restaurant, it is a small walk past viewpoint and is 1.5km and a circular trail.
• Last is the Blue Duiker Trail, it is 5.5km and circular. It starts along the Loerie Trail then it turns toward the coastline, following the Waterfall Trail back to the Oceannettes. It takes about 3hrs to complete.


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Jun 22

Adventure in Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay,Eastern Cape, South Africa, is well known for the Best Waves on Earth. The Billabong Pro is an annual surf competition held in JBay along with the greatest surfers around. Many people visit Jeffreys Bay only for the experience of the famous waves that everyone talks about, but JBay is not just only about the waves. We have lots of other adventures just as fun and exciting!

Surfing Spots in JBay

– Supertubes (This is where the Billabong Pro usually is held.)
– Tubes
– Point
– Magnatubes
– Kitchen Window
– Main Beach

Things To Do in Jeffreys Bay

Papiesfontein Beach Horse Rides

Papiesfontein is famous for their loving well trained horses, if you love horses and nature then this is perfect for you. Enjoy a 13km trail of horseback riding over the dunes, along the beach and river mouth. You will feel the nature surrounding you and the soothing relaxing sound of the sea. You can gallop, run and walk with your horse.
Click Here For Bookings, Contact Details and More Information.

Dive School

Experience the feeling of being underwater and actually staying there to see everything in the ocean around you. See exciting fish you don’t see every day, ragged tooth sharks, corals and more. JBay Dive School offers scuba diving courses, dive charters, dive equipment, sales and air fills. JBay Dive School is located on Main Beach across Training Edge Gym.

Kite Boarding/Surfing

J-Bay Wind will show you the technique of Kite Boarding and all the basic lessons, needs and information you need to know. Kite Boarding is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will have. Jeffreys Bay and St. Francis Bay are the best places to learn kite surfing with the best waves and winds.

Sand Boarding

Jaybay Sandboarding has skilled instructors to help you master sand boarding. The sand boarding takes place on the Marina Beach. You can hire all the needed equipment from Jaybay Sandboarding and the wax are supplied for free.

Skate Boarding

You will definitely enjoy the skate parks in Jeffreys Bay. Billabong has its own skate park surrounding with shops and the beach. It is in walking distance of Training Edge Gym and Main Beach. The Fountains Mall has a bowl within the mall, at the main entrance near the Cinema.

Bungee Jumping

An hour away from JBay you can visit the Bloukrans Bridge, which is 216 m high! Feel the hyper thrill of bungee jumping off Bloukrans Bridge. You can also learn more and see more of the bridge by joining the bridge walking tour and the 200m flying fox before or after bungee jumping. The Bloukrans Bridge is the world’s highest commercial bungee bridge. Click Here for More Information about Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jumping.

The Waterfall

The waterfall is located on a private farm just outside Jeffreys Bay. The farm owners ask a small fee to people who wants to visit the farm/waterfall. There is a zip line that goes over the water, from which you can jump into the water. You can also jump from a 6m and 12m cliff into the 28meter deep pool. It is fun on a hot day to enjoy with friends and maybe have a “picnic”. Please just keep the area clean.

Zip Line at the Waterfall Area

Enjoy a zip line experience right outside of Jbay, next to the famous waterfall on Jannie Ferreira’s farm.
A professional, multi-stage zip line was built over the gorge on Ferreira’s farm, with the final stage ending a few metres away from the waterfall.
Put on your helmet, get into your harness and attach yourself to the 13mm cable, before flying across the gorge at thrilling speeds. Look around and enjoy the beautiful nature.
If you prefer something a little different, take a step back and abseil down the cliff-side into the gorge.
For more information about Jbay’s only zip line, please visit the Jbay zip line website.




Fishing is another local activity around Jeffreys Bay. There are plenty of locations in the J-Bay and St. Francis area to go fish; whether you enjoy reef, river, estuary, deep sea or coastal fishing. If you need some more advice on the local fishing you can get yourself one of the well-known helpful fishing books namely “Jeffreys Bay – Experience Fishing like a Local”. It has all you need to know about fishing around the JBay areas.Click Here to Book a Day on the Sea.

Quad Biking

Quad biking at Lombardini Game Farm, which is only 15 minutes out of Jeffreys Bay. Groups can go up to 6 people. See the wild around you as you go on a quad safari. You can see the white rhino, a giraffe, zebras, and number of antelope and buck species. Lombardini Game Farm is open 7 days a week and the quad biking starts at 9am – 11am and 2pm – 4pm.

JBay Paintball

Enjoy a fun day of bush paintball with your family and friends at Cob Creek Golf and Wine Estate. After all the hiding, shooting and running you can have a cold soda at the restaurant and bar on hand.
To know more please email JBay Paintball at:
or Call: 083 465 1220.

Putt-Putt & Supertubes

Just want to have a fun on a hot summer’s day or frankly any day that suites you. The only thing in town to do besides swimming in the sea is the Supertubes right in front of the main beach and surrounded by small shops and the local Chip-‘n-Dip. Play Putt-Putt and slide down the supertube if you still feel like swimming in the sea or surfing on main beach, you can just walk.

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Jun 09

Restaurante in Jeffreys Bay

As jy lekker wil eet in Jeffreysbaai is daar sommer ’n legio opsies om uit te kies. Dit is soms moeilik om te besluit waar jy jou geld wil gaan spandeer want daar is soveel lekker plekke. Die bekende name is natuurlik ook hier soos Spur, Ocean Basket en John Doreys. Ek is veral mal oor die Ocean Basket se Sushi.

Die eintlike regte restaurante wat wag om ontdek te word is plekke soos:


Three Fat Fish

Ons het al die heerlikste Pizzas hier verorber. Three Fat Fish maak ’n Pizza wat jou tone sal laat omkrul. Veral die gesondheids bewuste  sal beindruk wees met die vars, organiese styl wat aangebied word. En die ding lê die hele bord vol. Voorwaar waarde vir jou geld.

Kliek hier vir  Three Fat Fish Webwerf


Café Kima

Daarword gefluister dat die beste Lasagne in Jeffreys hier verkrygbaar is. Café Kima is ’n seefront café en cocktail bar. (Verskoon die engels maar cocktail klink net lekkerder as mengeldrankie)


The Greek

Die meditireense atmosfeer is wonderlik hier. Sit op die stoep in ’n kuier straat atmosfeer terwyl jy smul aan heerlike Griekse disse

Kliek hier vir The Greek Webwerf

OUTsurance - Click here for a quote!


The Mexican

Ek is veral mal oor hul Mexican fillet. ’n Belewenis wat jou smaak bekertjies laat oorloop van die lekkerkry.

Kliek net hier vir Die Mexican se webwerf



Ek is een van daai ouens wat nogal van verskeidenheid hou. Hier kan jy nou kies en keur vanuit ’n lywige spyskaart. Ek hou van hul Thai groen Kerrie. My vrou sê hul wortelkoek is die beste wat sy nog ooit geeet het.

Kliek hier as jy meer wil weet oor Ninas


Hier kry mens ‘n bord kos wat ongetwyfeld versadig maak. As jy wil eet sodat jou oe toetrek as gevolg van ’n styfgetrekte maagvel, is Tappas net die regte plek. Bestel ’n bord Calamari en ek wed jou die deursnee outjie gaan hom nie met gemak kan klaarmaak nie. Gaan ook sonder skoene want jy sit op die strand in die sand, lekker.


Manna Plus

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Apr 08

Jeffreysbaai vir die gesin

Fishing in Jeffreys Bay

fishing Jbay

Sake in Jeffreysbaai

Jeffreysbaai is ‘n kusdorp ongeveer 80 km vanaf Port Elizabeth. Die laaste vyf jaar is gekenmerk deur ontwikkeling en invloei van mense. Nuwe ontwikkelinge het opgeskiet asof dit die laaste geleentheid was om ooit te ontwikkel en dalk was dit… Die skielike resessie wat oor die wereld gekom het soos ’n dief in die nag het vele eiendomme leeg gelaat. Oop winkels, lee huur huise en onverhuurde werkswinkels is nie ’n onbekende gesig hier nie.
Play More Golf

Oor die algemeen blyk asof sakemanne heel suksesvol sake doen in Jeffreysbaai. Alhoewel die dorpie afhanklik is van toerisme vir die invloei van geld, lyk dit asof inwoners besighede goed ondersteun deur die stil tye van die jaar. Entlik is daar voortdurend ‘n “buzz” in die dorp.

Jong gesinne

Jong gesinne het die laaste paar jaar ingestroom. Die kwaliteit lewe aan die kus is veral ’n aantrekkingskrag. Al hoe meer sien mens dat gesinne aan kusdorpe kom woon om die stede se verkeer, misdaad en gejaag te ontsnap. Sommiges sal selfs ‘n baie hoer inkomste in die stad verruil vir ’n laer inkomste aan die kus ter wille van ‘n hoer kwaliteit lewe saam met hul gesinne. Sommiges moet ongelukkig na ’n paar jaar weer terug stad toe want dit is bloot te moeilik om finansieel te oorleef.

Woon in Jeffreysbaai

Dit is ’n voorreg om in Jeffreysbaai te kan woon. Hier is alles. Dit is nie eers meer nodig om Port Elizabeth toe te ry vir inkopies nie. Ons het ’n  besige winkelkompleks “Fountains Mall” waar jy alles van klere tot krale kan koop. Ons het ’n hoofstraat met interressante winkeltjies waarin jy kan krap en ontdek. Ons het al die mondwater wegneemete plekke waaraan jy kan dink om jou “cravings” te bevredig.

Die gemeenskap is lekker. Mense is vriendelik en gasvry en jy gaan nie sommer dorp toe sonder om iewers vas te haak in ’n gesprek met iemand nie. Kerke is volop sodat jy kan kies en keur waar jy tuis voel om te aanbid. Daar is ook ’n goeie verhouding tussen verskillende denominasies en ’n algemene welwillendheid onder die mense.

Ek skilder nou ’n baie aantreklike prentjie maar hier is ook ongelukkig ook  swakhede. Jeffreysbaai sukkel ook met die probleem van kinders op die strate, dwelm misbruik en misdaad.

Jbay Beach


Een van die aantrekkingskragte van Jeffreysbaai is die gratis ontspanning. Jy kan afstap strand toe saam met jou gesin en ure se gratis ontspanning geniet sonder om onveilig te voel. Elke middag na werk sien mens gesinne wat swem, speel, visvang of sommer net stap op die strand. Hier vind jy nog geleenthede om by vreemdes en bekendes vas te haak in gesprek.

Dan is daar natuurlik die branders. Jy kan wonderlike branders hier kom plank. Brander ry of “surfing” is baie gewild hier. Surfers kom van heinde en verre om Jeffreys se branders te kom plank.

Visvang in Jeffreys

Vissermanne vang gereeld Kabeljou, Elf en Leervisse. Daar is oral visvang gate waar mens heel vrugtevol kan visvang. Die pier by Astonbaai wat ons “pensioners pier” gedoop het, is ’n gewilde staanplek waar veral Elf lekker kan loop. Kabeljous is die ander gewilde plek waar haaie en kabeljoue gereeld getrek word. Sandhaaie kan nogal ’n bron van frustrasie raak.

In die middae na werk of vroeg oggend vat ek my seuns en gaan vang ons vis. Dit is waardevolle tye waarin ons by mekaar leer en met mekaar kommunikeer.

Of jy nou hier woon, werk of vakansie hou, Jeffreysbaai is ’n aantreklike kusdorp wat vele moontlikhede bied aan die wat wil ontdek.

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Mar 22

Surfing Jeffreys Bay

My Surf Board

I bought me self a Fursman 9.2 Feet Quicksilver board a while ago. For three months I admired my beautiful board and dreamed about surfing Jeffreys Bay. I gave it a strategic spot in our living room so that every one could see my baby. So one day I decided that it was now or never. I took my baby, rubbed it with surf wax until my hands were sore. Gone was my shiny new surf board. For some reason I thought it would always stay that way. And then, off to the main beach for some serious surfing jeffreys bay.


surf board jbay

My Baby

Surfing Jeffreys Bay Main Beach

So it happened that the board took me for a lesson in patience. I tell you the truth, any one who  think  it is easy to surf hasn’t surfed yet. I’m not talking about you thirteen year old youngsters, I am talking about us, forty three year old dads who have a desire to surf. You must understand me very clear, my back is not that flexible any more, neither the neck nor the legs. So one big wave washed over me and I ended up in a full ballet split position. That hurt. It really hurt! Okay I’ve tried about 40 waves and not even one were able to carry me. I’m really not that big! said my ego. What is the problem?

Surf Lessons

I sat on the beach next to my board and watched the surf-lesson dudes as they try and practise swimming moves on the sand. That’s really silly, I thought, way below my dignity to go and pay for surf lessons or to admit that I’m in my forties and still not able to surf. This is an ego thing I suppose. Well, I watched them as they went into the water and practise their moves and then it struck me. I don’t have to stand up and ride the thing on the first day. Actually I learned something by watching the surf- lesson dudes. Thank you surf-lesson dudes.  For that I will put free links to this page. Maybe I should try some surf lessons for surfing Jeffreys Bay…yea right. I can do it on my own.

Surf School Volunteer Project

Jeffreys Bay Surf School

Wavecrest Surf  School

Surf Masters

Jeffreys Bay Main Beach

It is now three weeks later and I’m starting to get used to my board. I can actually do the cool sit-on-the board stuff and wait for waves. I can also swim in right to the back line without working up sore arms, neck  and a sweat. But the most important aspect of this activity called surfing, keeps avoiding me. One day I came very close to it when I stood up on the board and ride it for two seconds before I fell backwards and made a backward “summy” before I fell on my hip. It was not funny. I was   ST_O_K_ED as in stukkend man!

Body Surf

Today I’m licking my wounds. After an hour of negative talking and thinking I decided to go for a full body surf and it was fantastic to feel the wave beneath my body. Yea I know it is a lame excuse for not surfing but you must understand a man’s frame of mind. I’m working up enough ego and motivation before I will take my board and try the surfing thing again. I’ll keep you posted

Manna Plus


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Feb 03

Cape St Francis

Cape St Francis


Cape St Francis for the Nature Lover

Cape St Francis is situated between Jeffreys Bay and Oyster Bay. It is a nature lover’s paradise. Earth, wind and water join together at this natural cape, the western end of the St Francis- Jeffreys Bay. December time is holiday time but the stunning thing is that families, friends, lovers all join together every summer evening at the rocks to drink some wine and to gaze at the most romantic sunsets.

Activities in and around Cape St Francis

At Cape St Francis you can relax on the beach enjoying the sea, sun and the sand. One can go fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking or try some rock climbing techniques on the many massive rocks. Here are numerous rock pools save for snorkeling and even the children can join in the fun. The nature trails provide photographers with great opportunities and nature lovers can stroll for hours along the coastal routes.

Click here for more information about Cape St Francis

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Feb 03

Paradise Beach

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Jan 26

Jeffreys Bay

Welcome to Jeffreys Bay Business online where you can gather information, submit your business to the directory, post your classified ads and share your news. We want your business, organization or project to be visible on the world wide web. With our finger on the pulse of Jeffreys Bay we want to update you on what’s happening and to keep you informed.

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