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Hiking Trails in Jeffreys Bay

Jeffreys Bay is a great place to come and relax; here are plenty of sites to see and great hiking trails around the area/near Jeffreys Bay.


Jeffreys Bay

Noorsekloof Nature Reserve

Noorsekloof Nature Reserve has a 3km trail alongside a running water stream. There are 50 species of birds and a few bucks in the area. Noorsekloof stretches from the golden beaches up the valley side through a neighbourhood in wavecrest. The trail starts at the entrance to Kloof in Eland Street and ends in Dogwood Circle. Please take note that you may not start a fire in Noorsekloof, You are not allowed to hunt, camp or bring dogs to the reserve.

Seekoei Nature Reserve

The Seekoei Nature Reserve is situated in the area between Aston Bay and Paradise Beach. Covering an area of 66ha where the Seekoei & Swart Rivers meet and form an estuary. There is a 1km hike on the northern section from which 120 different bird species has been identified. There is a bird hide from where the birds can be viewed.

To see more of the reserve you will enjoy the 3km hiking trail from which you have to cross the river. You will see a few different species of trees and wild life. There is bushbuck, caracal, grysbok, porcupine, blue duiker, bush pig, yellow & grey mongoose, genet and a lot more other animals. You will even spot a few flamingos and red knobbed coots if the weather suites them.

If you wish to visit some penguins, there is a Penguin Rehab Centre in the reserve. You are not allowed to start any fires, or fishing, bring any canoes or boats, no pets, and no plants are to be removed.

Kabeljous Nature Reserve

Kabeljous is at the top of Jeffreys Bay. Kabeljous offers a 2.5km coastline with rich forests, wetlands and bushveld. There are various hikes available in this area. There is about 100 species of birds found and some wild life. You can enjoy a picnic in the reserve and enjoy the surroundings.

Kabeljous has a hiking trail from 3 to 7km, it all depends on which trails you want to take. It has two starting points; from the R102 just across the bridge on the northern side of the Kabeljous River you will find a gate directing the way or from the picnic area at the Kabeljous Estuary. The trails can be from 3hrs to a day, depending on what trails you choose.

Things to take with:
– Sunglasses
– Shoes to walk in comfortably
– Insect repellent if you wish
– Water and some snacks
– Camera
– Binoculars

No dogs are allowed, no hunting or fires. No animals or plants from the reserve may be removed.


The most popular place to go hike is in Tsitsikamma. It is very near Jeffreys Bay and it is also a great camping site, right at the beach and the Tsitsikamma forest. Tsitsikamma is about an hour away from Jeffreys Bay.

Otter Trail

Tsitsikamma has a few hiking trails, each trail is different. The most popular trail at Tsitsikamma is the Otter Trail. The trail is 42.5km long and takes 4 ½ days to complete. You can make your bookings at Storms River Mouth at the Reception.

The scenery from the otter trail is the most amazing experience; you will see mist rising from the sea and you will notice all the rivers and streams along the trail. See various species of fungi, cape fynbos and ferns. There are many species of wild life, birds and marine life and awesome rock formations and tidal pools.

Dolphin Trail

There is also the Dolphin Trail which is more luxurious than the Otter Trail. It is a 17km trail and starts at the Tsitsikamma National Park at Storms River Mouth. It takes 2 days (3 nights) to complete.

The hikers will have stunning views of the coastline and will have a good chance to spot some whales and dolphins, sometimes some otters too. You will spot many different birds on the route including the Knysna Loerie and the Oystercatcher is often seen on the shore line.

Day Trails/Short Hikes

There are a few short hikes at Tsitsikamma National Park, which does not take long to do, but in the short period you will see the forest and all the amazing Flora & Fauna. You will see a great view of the coastline/ sea and small waterfalls.

• The Mouth Trail is a 1km linear route. You walk from the Restaurant to the Suspension Bridge.
• The Viewpoint Trail goes past the Suspension Bridge and ends up being a 2km linear route, at first it is a pretty steep climb but it becomes gentler towards the viewpoint.
• The Waterfall Trail starts at the Oceannettes which is on the eastern side of the rest camp. It is a 6.4km trail to the waterfall and back. It is a linear route and takes just over 3hrs.
• Loerie Trail starts a bit east of the restaurant, it is a small walk past viewpoint and is 1.5km and a circular trail.
• Last is the Blue Duiker Trail, it is 5.5km and circular. It starts along the Loerie Trail then it turns toward the coastline, following the Waterfall Trail back to the Oceannettes. It takes about 3hrs to complete.


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