Mar 22

Surfing Jeffreys Bay

My Surf Board

I bought me self a Fursman 9.2 Feet Quicksilver board a while ago. For three months I admired my beautiful board and dreamed about surfing Jeffreys Bay. I gave it a strategic spot in our living room so that every one could see my baby. So one day I decided that it was now or never. I took my baby, rubbed it with surf wax until my hands were sore. Gone was my shiny new surf board. For some reason I thought it would always stay that way. And then, off to the main beach for some serious surfing jeffreys bay.


surf board jbay

My Baby

Surfing Jeffreys Bay Main Beach

So it happened that the board took me for a lesson in patience. I tell you the truth, any one who  think  it is easy to surf hasn’t surfed yet. I’m not talking about you thirteen year old youngsters, I am talking about us, forty three year old dads who have a desire to surf. You must understand me very clear, my back is not that flexible any more, neither the neck nor the legs. So one big wave washed over me and I ended up in a full ballet split position. That hurt. It really hurt! Okay I’ve tried about 40 waves and not even one were able to carry me. I’m really not that big! said my ego. What is the problem?

Surf Lessons

I sat on the beach next to my board and watched the surf-lesson dudes as they try and practise swimming moves on the sand. That’s really silly, I thought, way below my dignity to go and pay for surf lessons or to admit that I’m in my forties and still not able to surf. This is an ego thing I suppose. Well, I watched them as they went into the water and practise their moves and then it struck me. I don’t have to stand up and ride the thing on the first day. Actually I learned something by watching the surf- lesson dudes. Thank you surf-lesson dudes.  For that I will put free links to this page. Maybe I should try some surf lessons for surfing Jeffreys Bay…yea right. I can do it on my own.

Surf School Volunteer Project

Jeffreys Bay Surf School

Wavecrest Surf  School

Surf Masters

Jeffreys Bay Main Beach

It is now three weeks later and I’m starting to get used to my board. I can actually do the cool sit-on-the board stuff and wait for waves. I can also swim in right to the back line without working up sore arms, neck  and a sweat. But the most important aspect of this activity called surfing, keeps avoiding me. One day I came very close to it when I stood up on the board and ride it for two seconds before I fell backwards and made a backward “summy” before I fell on my hip. It was not funny. I was   ST_O_K_ED as in stukkend man!

Body Surf

Today I’m licking my wounds. After an hour of negative talking and thinking I decided to go for a full body surf and it was fantastic to feel the wave beneath my body. Yea I know it is a lame excuse for not surfing but you must understand a man’s frame of mind. I’m working up enough ego and motivation before I will take my board and try the surfing thing again. I’ll keep you posted

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