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Cape St Francis

Cape St Francis


Cape St Francis for the Nature Lover

Cape St Francis is situated between Jeffreys Bay and Oyster Bay. It is a nature lover’s paradise. Earth, wind and water join together at this natural cape, the western end of the St Francis- Jeffreys Bay. December time is holiday time but the stunning thing is that families, friends, lovers all join together every summer evening at the rocks to drink some wine and to gaze at the most romantic sunsets.

Activities in and around Cape St Francis

At Cape St Francis you can relax on the beach enjoying the sea, sun and the sand. One can go fishing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking or try some rock climbing techniques on the many massive rocks. Here are numerous rock pools save for snorkeling and even the children can join in the fun. The nature trails provide photographers with great opportunities and nature lovers can stroll for hours along the coastal routes.

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